Friday, March 5, 2010

Wiki Sites and Project Planning

Today in class a lady by the name of BJ came in and did a presentation and walk-through on how to use a Wiki, and explained what a Wiki was, as most of the class has never done or heard of one before. A Wiki is basically a website that you can create and put on the internet and virtually anybody can go onto your Wiki site and edit and save whatever they please. In the end you have the last say of it the information others posted is adequate and reasonable for your website. We got introduced to doing Wiki’s as our project that we are presenting to the town of Colwood will be placed on a Wiki site and presented. The project that we are working on I mentioned in the previous post. There are two main tools that we have used in order to give the project a good structure. The first method that our group chose to work with was a website called tools of change ( this website was very helpful in the starting stages of piecing the project together. It sets up a nice layout and gave us a good idea of where we were heading with setting our objectives, developing partners, how to inform people properly, targeting the right audience, and choosing the right tools of change. Our group filled out these stages of the process, but realized in the end it was not the right approach for our project. The second tool that we used was called ADDIE. This stands for Analysis, Design, Develop, Implementation, and Evaluate. This approach seemed very easy and well laid out for our project. It is a very straight forward tool, the first step in the process is figuring out the analysis of the project by discovering what the real problem is. The second step is to design and to formulate processes. The thirds step is to develop the project and formulate the processes. The forth step is to implement the processes that you have developed. The fifth step is to evaluate the project by means of observations, intentions and suveys to see what happened and how successful the project was. My portion of the project entails working on the development steps of the ADDIE model, I will be looking at ways to make the project design details come to life. In this process of development I will be using a GPS system to map all of the trails around the Royal Roads University campus, enter the data into the computer and create a map of the trails. I will also be looking at grading the grade changes and elevations of the trails and rating them easy, moderate, or hard. I will also be looking at designing signs, names of trails, and walk the trails looking for historical facts that can be pointed out. The final part I will be looking at will be policies to see the possibilities of implementing lights and signs along the pathways to make it accessible to walk at night time. Through creating the development part of this project the team will be able to implement our trail map, and increase the amount of citizens that utilize the Royal Roads University trails.

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