Thursday, March 11, 2010

The diffusion of innovation & Kotter’s Process

In today’s class we discussed and went over two different processes to innovate people. The two processes were The Diffusion of Innovation method and Leading Change Kotter’s Eight Step Process. Both of theseprocesses are significantly the same and have the same end goal in mind to be reached.

The following is a illustration displaying the different sections involved in the diffusion of innovation method.

The diffusion of innovation

The first 3 sections of this method are known as the innovators of the world. The first section in this method involves the innovators which make up 2.5% of the overall population. The innovators are people that are very well educated, knowledgeable, have multiple sources of information to help support their ideas and are not afraid to take risks in order to make their idea flourish. Section two is the Early Adopters that make up 13.5% of the overall population. The early adopters are people that are very respectable, opinion leaders, and like to try out new ideas but in a carefully planned out manner. The third section is the Early Majority section which involves 34% of the total overall population. This section showcases people that are respectable opinion leaders that serve as role models such as celebrities and are well known and respected by peers. The back section of this method is people that are known as bandwagon jumpers. The forth section in this method is the Late Majority people which also make up 34% of the overall population. This group of people consists of people that are skeptical, will use new ideas or products only when the majority of the population does. The last section in this method is the Laggards which make up 16% of the overall population. The people in this section are people that enjoy interacting with their peers and seldom hold positions of opinions over people that are leaders.

The Leading Change Kotter’s Eight Step Process is essentially the same as the Diffusion of Innovation method, but it goes through eight different steps to reach the goal of change. The eight steps that are used to reach this goal are:

1. Establish and/or reflect a sense of urgency

2. Create guiding coalition

3. Develop a vision and strategy

4. Communicate for understanding and buy in

5. Empower broad based action

6. Produce short term wins

7. Consolidate gains and produce more change/don’t let up

8. Anchor new approaches in the culture/create new culture

These eight steps are needed in order to implement change and establish a well known program. If innovation or change is something that you are trying to accomplish, I believe that if you follow the innovation curve or the Kotter’s eight steps, you will establish a well defined program and hopefully have people backing up your ideas and products.

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